Saturday, 24 March 2012

Under 6 weeks to go ... eeeek

Golly Gosh, I just realised I have just under 6 weeks before THE BIG trip.  So much to think about, mainly, what clothes to take .. What does one take to wear in May/June in England?  I have too many choices that's my problem .. then oh my, one word, shoes!  How many can I take, mmmm.  Beside my stuff I have to take alsorts over for Kylie (my sister) Bickfords Iced Coffee concentrate, Cherry Ripes, Minties, T'Shirts, an Atlas and a few other books. Then of course all my tech gear, laptop, mobile scanner, discs, external hard drives, phone, chargers, camera ..... endless.  I hope my suitcase is a bottomless pit.  I can always use some of Emily's and Craig's suitcases! LOL.  AND yes, Sooty is coming with me :-) much to my family's disgust!