Friday, 27 April 2012

One week to go ...

Well hasn't time flown, suddenly I am faced with only one week left, that is when we arrive in London town.  What a week it will be, I have a pile of papers, one for each day with my 'things to do'.  So many things to think of and remember to do,  like getting all the business paperwork up to date, stopping the mail, paying bills, taking the dogs to the kennels etc.

I was soooo good last week I packed my bags with my clothes, the things to take to Kylie, SOOTY, etc, leaving only the last minute toiletries, chargers, laptop etc to add .. THEN England decided to have rain, rain, rain .. hahahaha .. so tomorrow I am reorganising it all with a few extra jumpers, umbrella, gloves & scarf, maybe flippers also!!!  At least Adelaide has done the correct thing and climatized itself to match London!

Two things we will have booked to do during first two weeks in London are - during the first week we have tickets for PARIS, just a day trip, going over on the Eurostar, how nice it is to say 'we are popping over to Paris for lunch' !!!!   In the seconfd week we are going to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour, where we will be visiting the actual sets used in the movies like the Hogwarts Great Hall, Dumbledore's Office, the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley etc.

After two weeks in London, Craig and Emily return home and I will stay on for another four weeks with my Lil' Sis' Kylie.  I am sharing a bedroom at her house with Marvin the killer rabbit!  He eats power cords when they are still plugged in!  If he touches Sooty there will be a feast of rabbit 'fare'!

Marvin - Friend of Foe???
I won't be sharing his hutch though, but Kylie laughing to me tonight she was thinking of getting a coffin for me to sleep in, for those who know me well,  will understand the meaning of this and have a good ol' chuckle!

Great news is that Sooty is filming this year at a place called Brean Fun City, and with this the studio and sets are open for tours SO HAPPY, even better is everyday at 3pm the giant Sooty mascot is there to greet people ... watch this space for a photo of Sooty and myself!!!!