Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 4 - London

Hull City fans at Trafalgar Square
Well we set off again to go to St Clement Danes, this time we walked over the Thames using the Jubilee Bridge. It is a beautiful walk, which is not far from County Hall.  Today is full of excitement in the city as it is FA Cup day AND to top it off Hull City are playing in it.  For those who don't know, my Mums family have a long association with Hull City as one of my ancestors was a founding member.

Today's plan was to walk to Trafalgar Square then start walking the length of The Strand till we find the Church.  At Trafalgar Square it was very busy, the roads were blocked of for a bike race and rally, plus, it seemed to be a meeting place for many Hull City fans.
St Clement Danes

We had a nice stroll down The Strand AND yes we made it to St Clement Danes Church, central church of the RAF.  It is across the road rom Australia House.  It is a beautiful part of London.  The Church is very old.  It has over 800 Welsh slate badges on the floor commemorating RAF Stations, Units and Squadrons.  The Church was bombed during the Blitz in 1941 and had to virtually be rebuilt. Downstairs called the Crypt, it contains many plaques o old burials, these are the plaques that survived the bombing.  It is a beautiful place to visit.
After this we went back to our hotel where we R & R'd and watched the FA Cup.  That we won't discuss:-/ .. A nice relaxing day :-). 
One of the 800+ slate badges in the floor
Some of the plaques in the crypt
Some of the sights we saw on the Southbank

Day 3 - London

The people you meet in London, such a small world!

Today was a glorious day.  A lovely spring day of around 21 degrees, I even got a slight tan!

Piccadilly Circus

We decided to head off to the other side of the river, as Dad wanted to go to the RAF Church, St Clement Dane.  We went over to theTube Station (Waterloo).  We caught the tube to Oxford Street then aimed to walk back down towards the Church, which is located on The Strand right opposite Australia House.  Having seeing the toy shop Hanley's we just had to enter ... And left 'not alone'. We have a few more furry friends to bring back!!!  Next stop Piccadilly Circus, what a hustle bustle place that was, the warm weather brings everyone out that is or sure.

The Glassblower

Needing a medicinal drink or Dad we went to a pub called 'The Glassblower', a typical English pub.  A cider later, we wandered off down to St James' Park for a sit down, we shared a bench with a guy who just arrived from Argentina a few hours earlier, he has come to learn English (his English was better than some shopkeepers)!  As we sat there we heard the band music and then realised it was the Changing of the Guards, to which we missed, bugger, oh well!!! 

Buckingham Palace

We have to wander/stroll/meander everywhere as Dad can't walk too fast, so we meandered down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace via St James' Palace.  I can't believe I finally have seen Buck Palace, as on my last trip I tried 3 times and was unsuccessful, the Jubilee celebrations were on and it was off limits.  This was another bustling place. 

Dad wanted to sit down,  rest his hips so we went over to Green Park to have a sit, there was some room on a bench with an elderly couple.  WELL, we sat down and started to chat to them, they were a lovely couple he 94 and she 81, they were from Cornwall AND you wouldn't believe but the lady and Dad went to the same school.  They had a great time talking about school teachers, fellow students etc. She is the first person Dad has met that went to school with him since the 1950's.  Mind you they weren't in the same year level, but remember the same people.  I wouldn't help chuckling on how many people there are in London, how many park benches and we picked that one with that couple!!!

After all that chatting it was time or another beverage, so it was off the 'The Bag of Nails' or another drinkipoos.

By there way we never got to St Clement Dane Church ..oh well there is always tomorrow!