Saturday, 18 May 2013

Government House

Government House and gardens
It was great to visit Government House, my first time here. I have for years walked past those stone walls wondering what was to be seen behind them. We were amongst a few thousand people. It was free and you had to guide yourself around. The gardens are magnificent, yet simple. They are planned to original designs and cannot be changed even the plantings are very limited to change. It was nice to look at the old trees in their full glory (grown to their full potential with no others blocking them).

Various rooms
The house is stately, but not overly grand. It was hard to see a lot of the rooms clearly for all the people. The dining room was set up as it would be for fine dining. The paintings are huge in this room, life sized portraits with thick gold frames. The ballroom floor has dents all over form stiletto shoes and a magnificent stained glass window. My favourite room has to be the morning room, so peaceful and with garden views over North Terrace. I was surprised at the veggie patches out the back, quite unkempt.
Side and back views
There is a cute, old fashioned petrol pump out the back. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the house and grounds. Oh I forgot, there little hints of Central Districts around the house, with a scarf here or bear there !!! 

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