Tuesday, 21 May 2013

West Terrace Cemetery

Family headstone
We had a self-guided tour here. It is 27.6 hectares (68 acres) in size and beaming full of history. We first went to the office and got a few of the maps and self-guided tours. At the office is a touch screen, this is where you type in the name of the person you are seeking and then when you find it, you can print out a map showing where the person located. It was awkward to follow, but as usual we got the hang of it on the last one! I printed out five of Craig’s rellies to find. All being his 3x great -grandparents . The first ones we easy to find, but then we came to a section where the headstones had been vandalised and smashed up, it was so sad to see. Deidre pointed out one that had been knocked over, and as she was cursing those who did this, I noticed it was one we were seeking.

Damaged graves
Stone drum headstone
Fortunately it was not smashed, but just knocked over. There was a notice on it for the family to contact the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, I now need to find a closer relative to ring them. The rest of the graves we found did not have any headstones, the maps have named all the names surrounding the one you need so if there is not a headstone you can located the position with the other names as markers. After we searched out the five graves (I have about another 20 or so to go) we strolled around reading the old headstones, there are some great verses and stories on some. There is a lot of subsidence and the old graves have collapsed and sunk, at first you think they have been vandalised, but then realise it is the ground sinking (the water table is only a few feet from the surface). One grave we saw had a piece of stone carved out as a drum, it belonged to a gentleman who was a drummer in the John Martin’s Orchestra! 

Something different

There is a lot of work being done down the middle to back sections where they have reclaimed sites and planted grass and landscaped.  

We definitely are coming back here, a few visits I think as there is so much ground to cover. You can drive the car in as well, so this will help.

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