Saturday, 18 May 2013

Migration Museum

Another free guided tour. This site also has many layers of history. It was the first ‘Native School’ where Aboriginal children were boarded and educated by the colonial government, there is only part of one wall remaining of the school on the site. The buildings that are left used to form part of the Destitute Asylum from the early 1850’s until 1918. This sheltered the homeless, sick, pregnant girls and aged. The displays on the Destitute Asylum are quite confronting, they contain stories and artefacts. The section on the pregnant women and tools used for labour were unsettling I have to say. We didn’t get to go into the other part of the museum which displays artefacts and migration stories and also cultural heritage in South Australia as time had run out.

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  1. Sharon, it is worthwhile going to the other sections when you have time. The displays give great insight into migrants - Lisa


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