Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 29 – More rellies then off to New Forest for even more

We didn’t have to leave too early this morning, so we walked Imogen to school, she especially came over with Gillian (mum) so we could walk with her.  Karen (cousin) was at school so we were able to say our final goodbyes to her as well. 

Over the bridge to Plymouth to visit Auntie Ann, another to whom I have not met before.  Auntie Ann is the youngest of Dads siblings.  She was thrilled to pieces to see us, found out a lot of family history from her as well.  I had a great time even though she kept saying I was morbid J!  We left and went for a look at Plymouth Hoe as everyone kept mentioning it.  This is where Sir Francis Drake set off on his adventures.  It is a very large open area right on the waterfront, you can still see all the gun defence areas from wartime.

On our way to the New Forest we popped into another Trago Mill as it was next to the petrol station we were at.  There was huge traffic delays going the other way due to accidents.  Over here if there is a car accident, they close all the lanes, the traffic is at a standstill, till it is all cleared away, cleaned up and investigated.  A total pain in the ‘you know what’ if you are stuck in it, also not many ‘escape’ routes either.  We hit one big delay, but that was due to roadworks.

Finally got to Mockbeggar, which is in The New Forest. We are staying with Tony and his wife Sally and their 2 poodles, Rosie and Molly, for the next few nights.  Tony made contact with me around a year ago through Ancestry as we are both researching the same family tree, he is Mum’s second cousin.  What a lovely place New Forest is.  Wild ponies, horses and even donkey’s everywhere, they are quite tame.  They stand around like statues.  We went to the local pub for tea, where some donkey’s came to have a drink from the old trough set up out front for them!

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