Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 40 – Mockbeggar

Excitement today, Tony and I spent the morning  deciphering all our information from yesterday.  Our ancestor Richard Bielby, was arrested, imprisoned and sentenced to execution (but managed to survive) by the Bolshevik’s in Russian Petrograd in 1918-1919.  He was working for the Ministry of Shipping and Naval Intelligence in the British Embassy in Petrograd.  Yesterday we found his written account of what happened when the Embassy was raided by the Bolshevik Commissars.  We read through his account of what happened, what a very detailed and horrifying experience.

After a few hours we had to have a break, so after lunch we went for a walk to Fritham then few a drink at the Royal Oak, a different Royal Oak this time.  It is a quaint tiny pub built around the 1300’s.  After a wonderful, refreshing vodka and orange we had a drive around.  We again saw the stupid ponies on the road, oodles of wonderful thatched roofed houses.  Tony showed me the tourist place called the ‘Sandy Balls’  .. they have funny names for places over here!
When we got home I had another V&O as the other was so nice.  Sally cooked a wonderful lamb shank meal, I met one of their neighbours (who thinks me as bonkers just like Tony and Sally)!
Then after tea I sat down with Tony and Sally and we have written this and the last 10 days of blogs over a few bevvies!  And the dogs drove us mad with playing toys!

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  1. Fancy having an exciting ancestor who wasa spy. Makes a change from farmers and argicultural labourers


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