Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 42 – Packing and trying to get everything to fit in

Slept in till 10am this morning!!!!  I was and still am so tired.  Now to get everything to fit in the suitcases.   I have one medium one and a small one.  I bought with me one vacuum sealable bag and bought another two in Cornwall.  I have sucked my Sooty’s and a few coats up, this makes life so much easier!  Should have done this when coming over.  I am pleasantly surprised that all fits in with room to spare and all underweight!
I did sort of have a snooze in the chair this arvo whilst Kylie worked.  Kylie and myself went out to tea, then to Tesco to buy some supplies, I bought nibble for the plane as Japanese nibbles are not very nice.  I am not sure about travelling on my own, but I have no choice really!  .
Tonight I am in my room packing the last bits and writing these last two blogs and catching up on emails as Tom and Kylie are watching the Grand Prix from the weekend.  I am not keen on that and also I saw it at Tony’s.  An early night tonight as I am still so tired.  Leaving tomorrow for the airport at around 2pm.  Arrive  Adelaide Friday 11.25am.  It is around 38 hours from when I get to Heathrow till I arrive in Hamley!  I hope I get some sleep on the plane or I shall be grumpy! 

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