Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 36 – Blogs and Lewes antique shops

This morning is catch up morning.  I did my washing as it needs days to dry because of this wonderful summer rain and drizzle!  Then I thought I should catch up on all my blogs, I am about 9 days behind now, so I managed to knock 3 off the list.  The photos are what take the longest.  First I sort through and delete all the duds, then make sure they are all the correct way up.  Then put them all into folders under the correct day, then make the photo combinations for the blogs.  Well this took me about four hours :-/, I had time as Kylie was back working today, luckily she works from home.
Later this afternoon we went to the next larger town called Lewes.  It is an old town full of antique shops and many wealthy land owners live in the area.  Well what would you know, the first shop we walked into had a Sooty mug that I do not have, so I just had to buy it.  I made sure they wrapped it up in plenty of bubble wrap for my journey.  Then the next shop had a Sooty bowl that I don’t have, I couldn’t leave it there neglected on the shelf, could I ?  Just as well all the shops were closing after that, as there were plently more shops to go in and could have been difficult for me.
The local pub here in Uckfield was our tea-time destination, then back home.

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