Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 37 – Quick trip to London

Kylie had a meeting this morning so I was able to have time to work on the family tree.  When she returned we had to go to East Croydon to meet her friend Emily, to give her Download ticket that we had.  Emily could no longer go to the concert and had arranged to meet someone here who she sold the ticket to.  After we met the guy, we had a coffee, then hopped on to the train to London.
We went to the V & A again, this time to see the special exhibition of fashion.  I am glad we didn’t pay to get in as it was pretty woeful, the only highlight was the free section, which was of old clothes from the 1700’s to the late 1800’s.
All the mess around Buckingham Palace
After we saw the exhibition we decided to walk to Victoria  Station (about 30 minute walk).  Kylie asked if I had see Buckingham Palace, I have had two attempts without success, so we went the have a look as we were so close.  You wouldn’t believe it, it was closed to the public today AND to top it off, there was scaffolding everywhere!  So no regal visits this trip.  We had tea then caught the train back home.  Tom picked us up from the Uckfied station to save us from walking home.  Off to bed not long after as we had to get up early tomorrow for our trip.
Footnote:  not much sleep as there were helicopters flying around, then strong winds and rain!

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