Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 30 – Exploring New Forest

We had a slow start as Tony had an appointment this morning involving a camera and an unspecified orifice.  So after his grand adventure we had a gentle stroll through a beautiful part of the forest called Appleslade followed a recovery drink at the Red Shoot Inn. 
We returned home for lunch in the garden because it was actually sunny!  We had a lovely meats and salad.  An afternoon sleep would have gone down well, but we went off for a walk to see the large trees.  They are the largest trees in England, but nowhere as big as some Aussie ones.  It is so green and tranquil in the New Forest.  You don’t need to panic when leaves rustle here :-D unless you are with Tony!!!!
We drove through Brockenhurst then went to Lyndehurst for an icecream.  The cemetery was tempting as the original Alice in Wonderland is buried there, but the looks I got when I suggested this mean’t we were to pass up on this visit.  The shops were shut by now so we drove back home.

Now where to go for tea .. we ended up at yet another pub called The Royal Oak.  This was a lovely thatched pub, pity the inside didn’t match the outside.  They are trying to modernise it as an upmarket place but is failing dismally.

We came back and socialised till early hours of the morning .. I am becoming quite partial to pear cider.  We managed to swap AC/DC songs on our laptops before the night got to ………………..

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