Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 41 – Floods and more floods to Uckfield

The day started out great.  It is my last day here with Sally and Tony, it’s strange feeling because it is a bit like ‘will I ever see them again’.  I had great fun with them last night, I got a bit tipsy, others had hangovers this morning (say no more)!!  I packed my gear up and after a slowish start we took the dogs for our daily walk.  This time we only went to the end of the street as we had to leave to meet up with Kylie and Tom.  Today we were like AC/DC groupies as the three of us wore our T-Shirts and were dressed in black.  It was not too bad weather, so we decided to have lunch at a pub in New Forest, then head to Portsmouth, to look around the area a bit before meeting up with Kylie and Tom at Chichester .. well that was the plan!
We managed the drive around New Forest and the pub for lunch, then, it went downhill from there.  It poured and poured with rain.  Flooding and accidents were abound in the direction we were heading.  Luckily when on the Motorway we heard the report that the road from Portsmouth to Chichester was closed due to flooding, we were nearly at the turn off when we heard it.  So a quick detour off the Motorway  to a shopping centre to have coffee and a rethink.
Tony worked out our plan of action, after many detours etc we ended up at a town called Midhurst.  There we found a quaint teas rooms and waited for Kylie and Tom.  They we not too far away, so we were able to have a tea together.  Kylie briefed us on the disasterous Download concert that was so muddy they couldn’t camp and had to find a late minute B&B.  I said my sad farewells to Sally and Tony L, then we headed back to Uckfield  We only had a few detours and the rain eased a bit.  We got back in just over 1 ½ hours.
It was an earlyish night tonight.  

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