Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 33 – River Thames Queen’s Jubilee flotilla

I was quite excited about today, what an occasion to be attending.  We shall never see anything of the likes like this in South Australia.   The patriotism over here far outways anything we have for Australia Day.  There is bunting (small flags strung together) everywhere, hardly a house is without it.  Just red, white and blue everywhere, most people were wearing red, white and blue.  Even I wore a red jacket!!!  We drove to Haywards Heath and caught the train to London from there.  We had to change trains twice, but travel is easy here.  It was a cold day and a bit drizzly fortunately we were to be inside for the day. 
What a great position we had.  We were on a first floor apartment, just down from where the Queen boarded her small boat and where all the rowing boats were mustered to start.  So we saw all the boats except the large boat the Royal Family was on.  There was quite a few Aussies here and lots of wonderful food was laid on by our host and hostess Alistair and Natasha.  It is a pity it rained so much during the flotilla.  The boats were great and so much effort was put in by the people involved.

We left around teatime to get the train back to Haywards Heath, then drove back home.

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