Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 1 – Stage 1 - Adelaide to Sydney

The day had a great start, everything done and left home earlier than planned.  The check-in area in Adelaide airport was deserted, so a quick check-in.  I didn’t ‘beep’ through the security scans, but, as usual, had to do the drug scan and test … every time … I must get rid of whatever look I pose!  As we were early we went to the Qantas Club for a snack and coffee, I am so glad Craig is a member. 

No hassles boarding the plane, I even had the seat next to me free.  The meal I had was wonderful, I do get nervous when I order gluten-free, but Qantas usually does pretty well.  
I had poached salmon, with Chinese vegetables (spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, eggplant, onion, carrot and a few other vegies), GF bread, fresh fruit (pineapple, honeydew, rockmelon, grapes) then a scrumptious chocolate and berry GF muffin.  The plane arrived 10 minutes early AND our bags didn’t get lost.  This is getting too good to be true!  

The room we are staying in is lovely, at the Stamford Airport Hotel.  AND guess what, Craig has managed to book himself a meeting whilst we are here, 30 minutes after we arrived actually!! LOL, he just can’t help himself, hence why I am writing this as I have spare time before tea. Just having tea in the hotel tonight, early to bed, then  for Stage 2 tomorrow, Narita TOKYO.

Oh and before you ask, Sooty is still asleep in his bag, he isn’t coming out till London!   He is a nervous flyer.


  1. Haha, taking pictures of - and describing - the food. Love it! Don't love what you were given though, not my cup of tea (except the muffin). Glad I'm not gluten-free. You have impressed me with Qantas' range of food and amounts given, and it is relatively tastefully arranged. No more flying Virgin for me! Anyhoo, keep up the good work and try to eat something nicer next time.

  2. Never thought of photographing my airline meal, it is certainly more substantial and more appetising looking than local flights. Sorry to hear that Sooty is not a good flyer I am sure it would help to look out the window. We leave Goondiwindi this morning and will be in Toowoomba by lunchtime. Will be good to see the grandies again.

  3. Also, let's hope you find time to blog more often than once a month!!


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