Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 5 - London – The Victoria and Albert Museum

Today we went to the Victoria Albert museum … WOW … it is a place you can spend days and days in, well actually you have to, to be able to see everything.  Where do I begin, it is endless.  I was so impressed with the ‘parts’ of old buildings, some having to be 20 metres tall and goodness knows how much they weigh.  There are samples of fine silk weaving and embroidery using the web of golden orb spiders!  The costumes from stage shows were impressive, then there is the jewelery section dating from 1500bc to current times.  Stained glass windows that are hundreds of years old, monumental inscriptions from 1700’s, tapestries that are absolutely enormous and hundreds of years old.  Silverware, sculptures from all over the world, religious artefacts that are so old.  Absolutely endless and we only saw about ¼ of it, so we have to go back again.  As for the décor in the tea rooms,  speechless.  I did take photos but my camera was playing up and died, so I used Craig’s for awhile, but infortunately I have to delete lots of photos L .. but there is next time.

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