Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 14 – London to Uckfield

Well, after a slow start this morning, Kylie and myself went downstairs for our  last brekkie here.  After this we decided to check out early, after ringing Ma and Pa, but 
left our bags at the hotel so we could have a walk around.  As I hadn’t been to the Natural History Museum, we went there to have a look, well apart from the wonderful architecture, it was pretty boring.  I felt I was back at school on an excursion viewing rocks and other boring stuff!  These photos are from here.

As the trip to the Natural History Museum didn’t take long, and, as we were across the road, we went to the V&A Museum for a cuppa.  On our way in I noticed that I hadn’t been down one section .. well this ended up being one of the better parts, it was set up as manor home rooms that are exact as they were originally, they all have been rescued from houses/manors before they were demolished.  Whilst walking past one of the rooms, we were invited in to listen to a orchestral trio of girls from the Royal College of Music.  One played the violin, one played the cello and the other played the piano.  It was very good and suited the period of the room they were playing in.  The room was cream walls that had highly decorated gold beading, cornices, mouldings etc.  The curtains were lush green velvet.

There was another room that had a massive four posted bed that was kept in a glass, climate controlled room, it still had the original red velvet valancing and curtaining from the 1700’s.  Unfortunately I have no photos of these rooms as my camera was flat, I know absolutely useless, but I am sure I will go back and photograph them, hey I have been about 4 times already.  Eventually we got to the tearooms and ended up having soup as it was lunchtime.

We headed back to the hotel to collect our baggage and made the slow train trips back to Uckfield, now don’t pronounce Uckfield fast or whilst drunk!!!  The underground here does not believe in lifts, just heaps of stairs, steep stairs!  We arrived to rain and hail.  Had to sit in the car outside for awhile as it was hailing.  Marvin was excited to see us, Sooty was frightened, but all is well.  Just settling in now.

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