Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 9 – Big Bus Tour around London

Today was Big Bus day.  It is a double decker bus with the top open so you can see better and take photos, you pay for a 24 or 48 hour pass where you can get on and off at your leisure, we got a 48 hour pass.  Of course it was a cold cloudy start, as we sat on the top deck, we had to rug up well.  This is a great way to see London, one to get to know what is here and secondly to view it from up high without dodging people.  We decided to go around once without getting off to familiarise ourselves then on the next time around we will get off and on at various places.  As our luck is, there was massive protest through London from the public service and also the police had disruptions all day to cause mayhem (the police force is to be cut by 20%).  One lap of the tour takes 3 hours, today it took 5 ½ hours!  With the second half raining, so we had to go in the lower deck.  We had a great time though, I took oodles of photos, till my camera went flat!

various pubs
Very partriotic everywhere we went
Gardens around the place

Marble Arch
Telephone boxes
Tower Bridge

St Paul's Cathederal and other buildings

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