Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 4 – London

Kylie had a sleep over with us which was lovely.  The day started with a continental breakfast then off we went and walked, walked and walked.  We had to rug up as the temperature was hovering around the 3 degrees mark, I am so glad I packed my extra woollies and jackets!  First off we walked to Kensington Gardens and yet again a squirrel came up to us, taking a fancy to Kylie's shoes!  

The garden beds were beautifully maintained, we didn’t partake in jogging as most of the people around were doing, but I think it might have been more to keep warm for many!

I can’t believe how many dogs are around throughout the gardens, many off lead AND behaving.  We had a wee meander through Kensington Palace gardens and plan to go back next week to tour the Palace itself, I wonder if William and Kate would have moved in by then?

Then we hit Notting Hill and the Portobello markets, they have to be seen to be believed!  They attract all sorts of people and dress.  I have noticed rather quickly how you can wear anything here.  Kylie and myself did manage to find some fresh corn bread which we had with our soup at a shop/café called Daylesford.  

Walking back it started to drizzle and became cooler.   I didn’t realise how far we walked, probably 8-10 kms.  Kylie went home afterwards then, just between you and me I had a nana-nap after that!!


  1. Just hoping you have taken comfortable shoes. Walking is really the only way to get around and see everything.

  2. Beautiful gardens. I guess they do get the rain to make them look so good though. I am told that May will be quite dry for us, alas. But then, I'd rather quite dry and hovering around the 18 degree mark than drizzle and 3 degrees!!!!!

  3. Try Camden Market blows me away everytime we visit, usually leave our Boat at little Venice and walk at the side of canal passing Regents Park Zoo .You can get a Boat trip if you dont feel like the walk . Jacqui


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