Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 11 – Portobello Road and London Town

Well I really did not feel like going out today as my feet and ankles were still sore from all the previous days, but alas we went out.  We headed off to Gloucester Station which is only down the road, and caught the train to Notting Hill Gate, which is 2 stops away.  The crowds were large already and it was only 10am, we ‘herded’ to Portobello Road for the markets where we got some of the missed out things last week, we being Emily!! LOL.  I bought some more of the yummy corn bread I bought last week, and after eating half of it walking around, I chose to purchase a second one for later.  I did get a nice (I think so) necklace made of shells.

As we finished here earlier than expected we decided to go to Selfridges, which is a huge department store that takes up a whole block!  On catching the train we found out that part of that particular line was closed for the weekend for maintenance, so we had to get off at Marble Arch, two stops early.  So more walking, but at least there were plenty of shops to browse at this time.  We were at Selfridges before we realised, Craig bought a pair of Nikes in there, I started to have a  look around, but it was so hot in there, my feet were throbbing, so we got out without much browsing, but what I saw was quite pricy as it was all designer and lots even didn’t have price tags, which is always a sign!! 

Escaping down a side street, we found a lovely Spanish café .. it was so nice I had octopus sautéed with potatoes, in olive oil and a touch of paprika .. YUMMY .. was one of the best dishes I have had since being here.  Washed down with a pot of English Breakfast!  I have found the coffee over her not very nice, it all seems bitter.  Craig had Pork Belly with beans and he thoroughly enjoyed his as well, as foe Emily she didn’t eat, yes you did read that correctly, she wasn’t hungry!!!

We walked to Regent Street and just had to go into the Disney shop, Australia could do with shops like this, then went to the BEST toy store ever HAMLEY’S .. wow I wish they came to Adelaide, so many things I have never seen before.  The staff have an absolute ball working there, demonstrating and playing with the toys all day long.  You should have seen the Harry Potter stuff you can buy and all high quality stuff, I have never seen so many wands before!!  After that we walked to the tube via those guys, but today they were not outside but inside the store, the queues to get in were enormous and no-one could get in till someone came out .. of course it was an Aussie store!! 

It is a Saturday today, and guess what I did on a Saturday night in London … clothes washing!!!!!!

Also, I didn't take any photos today so here are some telephone boxes, buses and pubs.

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