Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 17 – Opera at Glyndebourne

Another slow start, but got the ironing done before we headed off to take our picnic basket to Glyndebourne Opera House and ‘stake our place’.  So as we were out we thought we would try the pub  “The Cock”.  It is an old pub built in the 1500’s that gets it’s name from the bygone era when a spare horse (The Cock Horse) was kept ready at the foot of a steep hill to assist another horse with a heavy load up the hill.  The Cock Horse, was immortalised in the favourite children’s nursery rhyme that depicted Queen Elizabeth 1 riding into Banbury Cross aboard a large white stallion, after the Queen’s carriage had broken a wheel on the steep climb up the hill. The meal was OK, a bit greasy as you see I had Cod, Chips and peas, followed by a triple scoop icecream sundae (shared with Kylie).

We headed to Glyndebourne to find a place to sit at interval time.  Interval goes for one hour and everyone takes picnic baskets of food, usually you sit in the lawn areas, but, as it was raining and cold, we went ahead of time to ‘stake our spot’ in the sheltered area.  Luckily we did as it was pretty full already.  We then went home to get dressed in warm clothes!  As you see on one of the photos it is misty.  The Opera was called “The Cunning Little Vixen”, it was an unusual story.  It was about a fox, there was a few surprising scenes to catch you off guard, like dildos and bonking of two ladies supposed to be a rooster and chicken .. unfortunately no photos were allowed.  Very different and unusual.  At interval we ate our dips and salad, some people had very elegant food!  Second half was next then we headed home in the rain.

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