Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 18 – Popped into London

We popped off to London this morning to go to the Allergy Free show.  What a great show, there was an abundance of free food samples, well actually samples of all kinds  I have never tried so many foods like chocolates, biscuits, breads, sausages, yoghurts, ice cream etc., all gluten, lactose and egg free.  We were greeted with a tissue and showbag, not sure what the tissue was about, but it was a tissue.  In the showbag, apart from all the brochures was a jar of moisturiser, a fruit bar and some shampoo.  We were inundated and overwhelmed by all the samples and freebees.  It would be nice to see Adelaide have one of these shows with all the samples.  There were thousands of people there.  Kylie and I managed to buy heaps of supplies, like sausages, biscuits, cereal, chocolate and fudge.  I bought some bamboo socks!  We were given a hayfever nasal spray each and also a nasal irrigation kit, this was very welcomed!  Here in England Gluten free foods are not as readily available in the supermarkets as in Oz, actually there is stuff all, you mainly have to buy online, or if diagnosed a celiac you get the food on prescription, quite weird.  Well we are happy here with all our food, the downfall is that we were going to visit a castle on our way home, but had to cancel that as we had too much to carry and had to take it home to put in the fridge.  Maybe tomorrow!

Some houses in Uckfield - top left is the church pre-school

After we got home we went to the High Street to look at the shops, the after that we walked through one of the local churches.  Near the church were several very old houses, so of course I took these photos.  We then popped over to another wonderful. Old town called Fletching, this was a town I would love to live in, as you will see by the photos it is lovely.

Parish Church in Uckfield
Parish Church in Uckfield
High Street in Fletching
Parish Church in Fletching


  1. Glad to hear you got all those goodies, remember to save the wrappers so that you can contact the makers. Even if you can't bring the food back at least you will still have the contact. You two must have been like kids in a sweet shop!!

  2. Don't need the wrappers Deidre, have al the brochures. Apart from the Aussie products that were there, the others won't be coming to Australia for awhile, some are still negotiating the costs of freight etc. In Australia we are years ahead with our availabilty of allergy free foods and labelling laws. They are trying to get going here. Hardly anything in the shops as there are the 'big' supermarkets who only have their own named products, so these companies have to use order online services to sell their allergy free foods. If you are diagnosed as celiac you can get your foods on prescription from the chemist!! VERY weird.


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